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Photographer, or The Upturned Tabouret Story

by Jonas Arčikauskas Photographer play stage images

Man with a lens,- photographer,-
he sees what no one does
he sees in his very own way
he sees something in nothingness...

Photography is a novel art - as compared to poetry, painting or music. Photos are everywhere in our life: todays culture, industry and commonplace daily activities are implausible if not impossible without photography.

History of photographic art abounds with variety of techniques and styles. Nevertheless, the artist must find its frame of reference during every creative act. The philosopher, the poet, the flamboyant worshiper of bodily beauty, the humble labourer, the cultural mover and shaker,- all these presences must unite in the figure of photographer at the moment of creation.

Beauty and passion - how they shape the relations between photographer and his model? Nature and elements - and the beauty of a woman; eternity and fleeting feelings; pornography and social ramifications; the inner workings of creativity and emptiness of todays social existence; solitude and eternal pursuit of beauty,- how they make up the life of an artist?

The concept of eternal femininity shall blend the conflicting Romantic and Freudian texts, the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, the photographic art of Rimantas Dichavičius, the eternal truth of William Shakespeare with visual, kinetic and musical continuity of the play.

In Lithuanian, Russian, French, Spanish, German and English.

2 acts
Duration - 2 h

Sakalas Uždavinys,
Eglė Mikulionytė,
Milda Arčikauskaitė,
Agnė Ramanauskaitė,
Margarita Žiemelytė,
Gediminas Rimkus Rimkevičius,
Tomas Fiodorovas

Conceptual author, director, scenographer and costume designer:
Jonas Arčikauskas

Original music by:
Gediminas Rimkus Rimkevičius

Vesta Grabštaitė

Video artist:
Algimantas Mikutėnas

Igor Pantsyrev

Romas Treinys

Photograps by:
Rimantas Dichavičius


Watch the trailer:

High definition (file size 120 Mb)

Standard definition (file size 14 Mb)

Milda and Milosz


Miłosz Clouds

Music and poetry project, dedicated to the poet Czesław Miłosz

Milda Arčikauskaitė - vocal, composer
Tadas Dešukas - violin
Vladas Dieninis - percussion, electronics.

!!!NEW!!!: song "Tamsumos, nuskaidrėkit!" ("Light up, Ye Darkness!"):

mp3 file, size 3 Mb

Three earlier fragments, file sizes 8-18 Mb:




Milda in the night photo


Vasaros naktys (Summer Nights)

Song written for the 150th anniversary of Lithuanian author Maironis

Milda Arčikauskaitė - vocal, composer
Eugenijus Kanevičius - guitar


mp3, file size 3 Mb

Milda on stage performing Uno-tutti


An academic music piece Uno-tutti by Lithuanian composer Rita Mačiliūnaitė written specially for Milda

Milda Arčikauskaitė - vocals


tape track, mp3, file size 10 Mb