I was always surrounded by artists.

Being in art is just natural for me — and something very special, too.
Acting in the sphere of art is the single most important activity for me. There, my life gets a meaning.

In the childhood I used to sing with my grandmother and arrange shows at home.

I attended music school, played various instruments, and even published my own newspaper. Every so often, I kept hanging around in the drama theater,— watching rehearsals and performances made a great impression and effect on me. This was a true school of life.

I studied jazz vocal and classical singing, and graduated from the Lithuanian Theater and Music Academy.
But in fact, the most useful experience I had was outside the realm of official studies.

Some projects worth to mention:

  • Photographer, or the Upturned Tabouret Story — photography + drama + music + dance performance, different women, 2012 - present;

  • Singing Hindi Zahra — a project, dedicated to Morocco/Paris singer Hindi Zahra, vocal + guitar duo, 2011-present;

  • Miłosz Clouds — music + poetry project, dedicated to Polish poet Czeslaw Miłosz to celebrate his 100 jubilee, my own compositions, vocal, violin, percussion, electronics, 2011.

  • Vilnius — our city — my own music + dance project in Vilnius cultural festival "Let the Night Be!", 2010;

  • NOA — short operas festival, choir, 2009;

  • Pas De Deux — opéra de cuisine by Lithuanian composer Vidmantas Bartulis, Marie Antoinette, 2008;

  • Vilnius Townhall Classical Guitars Orchestra concerts in Lithuania and Latvia, vocal, guitar, 2006 - 2007.

Singing for me has a vital importance.
When I sing, I feel I am alive. I'm particularly interested in breathing and different vocal techniques.

I work as a singing teacher from the 2007. When training children and adults, I pay a particular attention on breathing techniques and bodily expression.

I also work in the National Radio, giving a show on air "Musical Midday" once a week. Sometimes I publish articles about cultural events in Lithuania.

As I'm most interested in avant-garde, free jazz, contemporary academic music, ethnic vocal and art synthesis, where music, dance, drama, poetry is combined, I'm opened to various kind of professional artists to collaborate.